Age Verification Pop Up Magento 2 1.0.1 Details


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If the website is selling specific products which are suitable only for specific age range, age verification pop-up extension grants access to the website only after verifying the users age. The extension also provides flexibility to even select pages on which Pop-up should appear instead of the whole website. This can be configured without much technical know-how. Moreover, the pop-up configuration allows managing the pop-up design and content

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleA resourceful tool that enforces age verification for the users to access age restrictive websites. -Entire website or only for specific web pages have age restriction enforced -Supports mobile users due to responsive nature of the pop-up -Easily customization of the pop-up colour and content -No unnecessary repeated age verification prompts once verified -Provision for pop-up templates with different styling and purpose

Download and use it now: Age Verification Pop Up Magento 2

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